Installing the HP Business Inkjet 1100DTN on Win81 or Win10


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How to Install a HP Business Inkjet 1100dtn on Windows 8.1 or Win 10

I wrote this page to help anyone who finds it save a ton of time and aggrevation! The HP website is hopeless (I guess they want to sell new printers) and nowhere gave me a full account of how to do this). Also, the HP site has all sorts of testers and help programs but none of these worked for me. So, here is how I got mine working:


This printer, the HP Business Inkjet 1100dtn may not be the newest printer around but is a high quality, fast printer that runs on a network, not USB. So the first thing you need to know is where is your printer located on your network? You need an IP tester to find this out. has a free IP tester (at the time of writing). So:

Step 1 Run an IP tester on your network to discover where the printer connects too. Normal local networks are usually something like: or in my case
Ours connects to an Asus router with wireless connection and four network ports (connects to computers and printer) plus a WAN port (connects to the internet). Run the scanner to start (in our case) at and finish at This will find all the bits of kit connected to your local network. Repeat the process with the HP printer cable disconnected and see which address disapears. Make a note of this address (in our case Re-connect the printer lead into the router.

Step 2

Navigate to Control Panel (CP) Win 8.1 or Settings - Devices on Win 10 (click add printer) Devices & Printers - Advanced Setup - Click The printer I want isn't listed
You then get four options - click Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings
Which then asks us to choose a printer port - Create new port - From the dropdown, select Standard TCP/IP port - Next
We now have a Type printer hostname or address screen - Enter the IP address you discovered in step 1 (in my case
Windows then detects the port. Make sure the printer is connected and switched on. The Install printer driver screen appears
Click windows update and wait. This could take a long time - 15mins is not unusual (wow, speedy Microsoft).
Find and click HP.
Find and click HP business Inkjet 1000 (Microsoft). This should then install the driver and finish with an invitation to print a test page. Note: Use the Microsoft and NOT HP driver.

Step 3

Navigate to Control Panel - hardware & Sound - Devices & Printers
Work your way through all the settings to get the facilities you want. Somewhere deep in there is the print double sided option.


At one point I installed a printer driver which didn't work and I wanted to uninstall it. Fine, except it remained stubbornly in place and I couldn't remove it no matter what I tried. Any sort of new installation resulted in a 2nd installation of the driver - GRRRRR! So, only do this in extreme cases and if you have done a backup FIRST! Goto Windows - System32 - Regedit.exe and run it. Allow changes and navigate to Edit - find. Type in 'HP business Inkjet 1100' without the quotes. For every entry found, delete the line. Repeat around 10 times until the registry has no references to the printer. Reboot and start from step 2 again.

We hope you found the site interesting, well presented and above all, informative. Thanks for visiting and please feel free to link to us or recommend us to others.

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Installing the HP Business Inkjet 1100DTN on Win81 or Win10,W10, W8.1, W8, W 8, W 8.1, Win 10, Business, Inkjet, 1100 DTN, 1100DTN, install, paper, missing
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