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How To Pay Using BACS

BACS - Bank Automated Clearing System. A means of transferring money between two bank accounts. This is simple, secure and quick. Payments are typically received in two to three hours. This means we can process and dispatch your orders very quickly.

Setting up a BACS transaction

The following guidelines apply to a typical bank account. Some terms may vary from bank to bank but the process and information will always be the same.

  1. Logon to your bank account.

  2. Navigate to the Payments page.

  3. Setup a new Payee - Enter the information manually not from a drop down list.

  4. Enter Payee details - eg - Who the payment is to be sent too. In our case DTSystems. Note: this will appear on your bank statement transaction list.

  5. Enter Payee account number - This is the bank account number where you are sending the money. For DTSystems, copy the number that appears on the order form. We have not included the number here for two reasons, 1) Security and 2) Convenience if the number changes (easier to update a single page and less chance of error).

  6. Enter payee sort code - This will be a six digit number such as 23-56-09. Again, copy this from your order page.

  7. **Most Important** Enter Payee reference - This needs to be your Order Number and Surname - eg - 104656234Smith. This is VITAL as it allows us to associate any payment received by our bank with your specific order. Without this reference number, we will not know where the money came from. This will delay your order.

  8. Enter the Total amount from the order form - Includes any taxes and shipping (mainland UK).

  9. Set the payment date to today and send the payment.

  10. Always print a copy of the transaction for your records.

  11. Finally, send us an email to confirm your BACS transfer has been sent. We will then look out for the payment to arrive at our bank.

  12. As soon as payment is received, we will pack and ship your order, then send a confirmation email to warn you of the delivery date for your order.

  13. Delivery will normally be by Royal Mail Special Delivery and will be next day before 1pm (mainland UK).
This is a really simple process and avoids you sending any confidential bank details to a third party processing center, nor do you send any banking details to us. You deal exclusively with your bank over a secure (https......) internet connection which will be encrypted. Your bank then sends the payment directly to our bank, again over secure links. This avoids any possibility of your bank account details being hijacked or copied as the transaction is processed unless the bank itself is hijacked. No credit card is involved so there is no chance of your card being copied or stolen by using BACS.

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