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It is possible to remote wire both single (TDS1) and double (TDS2) line Dialup units to extend the front panel switch (Auto - Man - H/R) though it must be emphasised that this may involve considerable extra wiring. Whilst not complicated it should only be undertaken by those competant with very fine electrical wiring ie this is not 2.5mm T&E territory! Failure to properly connect wires will lead to erratic behaviour and possible line disconnection.

Why bother? For the vast majority of installations a shelf close to the telephone socket will be all that is required. However there will be occasions where lack of space or wiring considerations will mean that remote switching is the only feasible option and in this case the TDS1 or TDS2 can be fitted wherever convenient - in the loft, amplifier cabinet or wherever.

This is an optional extra available at additional cost and to special order. Please E-Mail your exact requirements.

Other Functions

Remote Indicator(s) - Whenever your Dialup answers a call (AUTOmatic and MANual), the Active light illuminates on the front panel. An internal connection allows you to fit an additional Active light at some remote location...more. Refer to the Installation Diagram for a diagram of this feature.

Remote Start - The Dialup has a switched output to start / stop or signal other equipment whenever a call is answered...more. Refer to the Installation Diagram for additional information.

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