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**NEW** TDS1 Single Line Telephone Dialup System. Click for a larger front and back picture **NEW** TDS1 with answer Telephone Dialup System. Click for a larger front and back picture Remote Control Installation

How does it work in practice? - Full Description

First of all, you need to install a single (TDS1), a single with answer (TDS1SR) or a double (TDS2) line Dialup unit at the venue. Since this is SO easy, you can even do this for temporary or for single events. Installation consists of plugging the Dialup into a telephone socket (exactly the same as plugging in a telephone), connecting either a signal lead or speaker wire into the venue sound system, plugging into the mains supply and throwing a switch - easy!

Once connected and switched on, you can use your Dialup in two very different ways: Fully AUTOmatic or MANual. The only difference is who controls the call.

Fully Automatic

With the Dialup switch set to AUTOmatic, the first person to ring the venue telephone line will get connected to the sound. With a TDS2, you have two telephone lines each with its own number and you can ring either number to get connected. The call lasts as long as the caller wishes. Once the call is established, changing the switch position away from AUTOmatic has no effect until the caller hangs up - this prevents accidental disconnections. The caller controls the duration of the call and pays any call fees. Immediately the caller clears the line, the Dialup is then available for another call.

The sound source could be a live public address system or a pre recorded tape loop used for example on a premium rate service line.

Manual Operation - Used for Conference calls

In this mode, the VENUE establishes the call by dialling the recipient (or conference centre) from a telephone connected to the SAME line as the Dialup. Having confirmed that the right person is contacted, the switch is briefy moved to the H/R (Hold / Release) position which connects audio onto the line. The telephone can then be hung up and the call held by the Dialup unit. An internal 3 hour timer automatically disconnects the call as a safety feature but this facility can be defeated for infinite duration calls. The H/R switch can be depressed for a period of 2 seconds to end the call.

In this mode, confidential meetings can be relayed to suitably verified recipients who may be unable to attend but need to hear the meeting.

What do I need to get started?

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