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What is a Telephone Dialup? - Full Description

A Dialup unit allows you to hear sound from a distant location or venue through your own telephone. If you have a Speakerphone ie a telephone with built in speaker, you can listen comfortably for long periods of time and since the Speakerphone has a volume control, you can set the volume to suit your requirements.

So you can hear exactly what is happening at the remote venue "live" - just as though you are sat in the audience right there. So for anyone with an illness or disability, the Dialup system allows you the freedom to "keep in touch" with meetings or special events, even if you physically are unable to attend. You just ring up the venue as the meeting is about to start and automatically get connected to the sound system.

What happens if I cough - Can anyone hear it? - No, the system is designed specially so that nothing you do or say will be reflected back to the venue and broadcast over the sound system.

How long will I stay connected? - If you ring the venue, you will stay connected for as long as you wish. When finished, simply hang up the telephone exactly the same as if you had just finished speaking with auntie Ann.

Who pays for the call? - Whoever makes the call. In the example above, you do since you rang the venue. Given the latest price wars between telephone companies, you might even get connected for free at weekends and during evenings (check your Telco).

How does it work in practice?

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