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It might now seem uneccesary to have a TDS2 two line Dialup unit given that any number of callers can dial into the program if the correct BT service is requested. However, there are a number of reasons why the decision to opt for a TDS2 would make good sense:

  1. Most new installations have at least two telephone lines installed as standard - one for general calls and the other for an alarm system emergency dial out facility. It makes good sense to use both lines for the Dialup system especially the alarm line that is by definition, switched off when the building is in use. Most people have access to a mobile telephone and hence the need to retain land line facilities for "emergency" use are irrelevant.

    However, you WILL need to make the alarm line ICB (Incoming Calls Barred) to prevent anyone jamming the line when the building is unoccupied (contact your local telephone company for this facility). Note also that the Dialup will work in Manual mode only on this line since people are by definition (ICB) unable to ring in. This does make good use of an existing line during the only period of time that it is normally idle ie when the building is occupied!

  2. Whilst the majority of callers on the unlimited dial in line will be short term sick or even other venues, it is worth remembering that they (the caller) bear the call charge. There may be some too poor to afford this and the second line can be used as a dial out from the venue such that the call charge is paid for by the venue.

  3. Positive advantages are seen when the long term sick are rung from the venue just before the meeting starts (especially if rung by their own group leader). This makes them feel wanted and included in the proceedings. Accurate reports can be fed to the live audience about the condition and status (ie are visits a good idea? What about phone calls, cards etc.) again including the sick in the meetings.

  4. Some invalids may not be able to dial out but can receive calls.

  5. Confidentiality: There may be times when only specific listeners are allowed to be connected and in this case a TDS2 two line Dialup unit can be used to connect up to four elderly / infirm principals to listen to confidential meetings. In this case the Dialup unit is used manually (dial out) for both lines.

  6. Remote locations or for emergency use: A TDS2 allows one line to call a remote location and listen in to their program with the output going to a line input on the local sound system. The other line can then still be used as a local multiple dial in or two person dial out as required.

  7. Where facilities are shared - capital and ongoing costs are divided accordingly.

  8. The cost of a TDS2 is LESS than that of a typical set of plastic plants provided in a new (simplified) building!

    The point to note is that having two lines and a TDS2 Dialup unit gives many more options in terms of flexibility and the way the system is used both now and in the future.

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