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Are you sick of making ends meet? Do other people always seem better off than you? How would you like to earn money without doing anything other than providing information that others are prepared to pay for?!

If you can find a simple information product that enough people want, you can make a fortune almost overnight! Or if you need to advertise a change of venue, a product, service or anything else, then here is how to do it:

Basic Equipment Needed:

  • Telephone Line
  • Dialup Unit
  • Cassette recorder (or CD player) with endless (repeat) play feature

Then you need to convert your exchange line to an 09xx line (contact BT) and decide how much to charge per minute. This can be anything up to 1.50.
Register your service with the 09xx regulator
Record your message on tape or CD so that you get lots of the same messages stacked end to end.
Connect the tape (or CD) player to the Dialup and switch to AUTOmatic.
Advertise your telephone number - don't forget to warn about call charges.
Every call answered is money in the bank!

If you have a good advert and an interesting message, money will literally come pouring in!!

With a TDS2 and two messages you can double up on revenue!

Using the Autostart feature of the Dialup system (available via the Facilities connector) you can automatically start your message whenever anyone rings in.

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