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Reliable Point Source accuracy - Conventional monitor speakers lock you into a tiny 'sweet spot' listening position. Move slightly and the sound changes. NOT with the Tannoy System 600 - its Dual Concentric Point Source design creates a coherent wavefront that is consistent both on and off axis. The result is clear, natural sound giving you the freedom to work and listen with dependable accuracy.

Description - The System 600 nearfield monitor is part of the latest range of studio loudspeakers from Tannoy, a company with an outstanding reputation in the professional audio world.

The Dual Concentric driver might look like a conventional bass unit, but the system incorporates a high performance tweeter positioned immediately behind the centre of the bass cone.

This design produces all the frequencies from a single point, mirroring the way sound is produced in real life. The accurate phase response achieved delivers a realistic soundstage, along with a smooth and natural sound which is unfatiguing over long listening periods.

The speaker is capable of high volume levels without compression and delivers excellent transient response. The System 600 is capable of producing accurate, high quality sound for a wide range of applications. The use of the latest materials and manufacturing techniques gives the System 600 the ability to exploit the full performance of today's analogue and digital recording equipment whether used in the studio, home or theatre.

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Home Theatre
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Technical Specifications
Frequency Response.....52Hz-20KHz +/-3dB
Recommended Amplifier Power.....50 to 150W RMS (8 Ohm)
Power Handling.....80W (Average)...160W (Programme)
Nominal Impedance.....8 Ohms
Sensitivity.....90dB / 1W @ 1m
Dispersion (-6dB).....90 Degrees Conical
Crossover Frequency.....1.8KHz

System 600 Dual Concentric Speaker

Compare these specifications with other speakers especially the distortion figures - less than 0.8% over the whole audio spectrum - excellent. How many speakers have you seen than even publish these VITAL figures??

Drive Unit.....165mm (6.5") Tannoy Dual Concentric
Low Frequency Design.....Optimised Bass Reflex Loaded
Volume.....13 Litres
Cabinet Construction.....MDF 36mm (1.4") front and back panels, 19mm (0.75") high density particle board
Cabinet Finish.....Baffle: Charcoal textured paint. Cabinet: Charcoal Vinyl
Dimensions (HxWxD).....220mm (8.6") x 360mm (14.1") x 267mm (10.5")
Weight.....7.5 Kgs (16.5 lbs)

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