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Maplin 150W MOSFET module hum modification - PCB modifications to reduce hum etc

This is a fantastic kit, capable of terrific sound but it suffers from unpredictable performance and can be difficult to use without getting loads of mains hum. A reasonably easy modification can be made to make it suitable for hifi systems with no audible noise or hum. Having done the modification, it can then form the basis of a minimalist type system if all the inputs (line level) are wired through a suitable switching and attenuator block. Alternatively it can be built into a comprehensive surround sound amplifier block to provide matched outputs for all speakers including the sub bass. A datasheet is available (though not free - sorry) detailing the hum modification and ways of improving performance. Each modification is described in detail with both text and wiring diagram and a technical explanation provided detailing why we need to do it. The cost is 5 fully inclusive and can be ordered through the Order Process page mentioning reference "Mapmod sheet".

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Maplin 150W MOSFET module hum modification,maplin,mosfet,module,modification,hum,technical,noise,layout,dtsystems
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