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What makes a HiFi system sound great? A summation of individual parts all working in perfect harmony. This page sumarises the conclusions from other pages and presents them in list fashion. If you disagree with any conclusion - go back to that section and re-read the arguments. Hopefully this will not only give you a solid basis for making an informed choice of what to buy, but crucially, the reasons why. If you understand the principles behind why certain recommendations are made then you will not be swayed or unduly influenced by the sales talk of xyz hifi company out there and will be able to strip away all the hype, generalisms and total rubbish printed by some of the hifi press.

  1. Good hifi is all about enjoying the music - the equipment is just a tool.......Disagree
  2. Concentrate on buying the best speakers you can afford FIRST.......Disagree
  3. The best Loudspeakers are Point Source Dual Concentric types.......Disagree
  4. All speakers are analogue.......Disagree
  5. OK I'm convinced - Show me some speakers.......Agree with all the above

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