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Ampetronic ILD122

Microphone Input:
XLR, balanced, low noise
15V DC Phantom supply selectable.
Sensitivity: -70dBu at high-gain setting. Low-gain setting is 15dBu lower. Overload level -20dBu.
Line Input:
6.4mm Jack socket, fully balanced (unbalanced with mono plug).
Sensitivity: -30dBu). Overload at +20dBu. High impedance input.
Overload protected.
Slave I/O:
Insert point for connection of Ampetronic Phase Shifter, Preamplifiers etc.
Can be used as output for recording purposes.
Signal level 1V RMS (+2.7dBu).
Pre-Amp Power:
± 15V DC for powering Ampetronic Microphone Preamplifiers and external processors.
Metal Loss Corrector:
This control permits correction of the system frequency response when losses occur due to metal in the building. Loss adjustment is adjustable from 0 to 3dB per octave, using 1kHz as constant gain frequency. This does not compenstae for the power loss caused by the metal.
Compression / AGC Control:
36dB control, with attack / decay time constants optimised for speech signals
Front panel indication is 6 / 12 dB increments.
Output Current:
5A peak. Absolute peak current >7A.
Front panel measurement by PPM response metering, 2dB increments.
Loop Voltage:
Greater than 36V peak, to enable good frequency response for larger, inductive loops. Patented circuitry prevents clipping to ensure EMC complience.
Output Resistance:
Greater than 10V peak to enable good frequency response for larger inductive loops.
Patented Cicuitry for preventing clipping to ensure full complience with EMC regulations.
Frequency Response: Area Coverage:
The nominal area that can be covered for a rectangular loop is 120m² (1300ft²). Where the aspect ratio is narrow and long, see the chart.
If losses occur due to metal or unusual loop position, then the area will be reduced.
Loop Impedance:
Designed for single-turn loops, with a resistance between 0.2 Ohms and 1 Ohm.
Loop Condition Testing:
Upon switch-on, the resistance of the loop is tested. The equipment will only switch to the active state if the loop resistance is between 0.15 Ohms and 1.6 Ohms, or 3 Ohms on high setting.
Additional testing during normal running also checks for high loop resistance using the normal audio signal. A front panel LED indicates loop error.
AC Power Input:
230V AC operation. 45-65 Hz.
115V AC available.
55VA Max power consumption.
The unit is designed such that the case acts as a heat radiator.
Width: 215 mm.
Height: 44 mm.
Depth: 210 mm.
CE Complience:
This equipment meets all the EMC and safety standards applicable.
Rack mountable in 1U space.
Unit is ½ rack width.
Rack mounting kit available.
Wall mounting is also provided with the WML-1U set of mounting hardware.
Ampetronic banner
ILD 122

The ILD122 Loop Driver has been designed for a wide range of applications such as small churches, conference rooms and similar. The equipment maintains the traditional Ampetronic standard of high quality vocal and music reproduction, while adding new features to improve performance and operational facilities.

Extensive monitoring of the operation, in addition to the comprehensive LED compression and current drive metering, now includes a novel system for monitoring of the loop condition, so that high-resistance and low resistance loops are detected at power-up time. Continuous monitoring of overload conditions is also provided. Front panel LED's indicate all conditions. The equipment is designed to be fail–safe.

The ILD122 uses constant - current driving of the loop which is necessary to ensure full compliance with all national and international standards. The equipment incorporates the necessary safeguards to ensure that all present EMC and safety regulations are fully met, under all practical operating conditions.

NOTE: This unit is an upgrade from the ILD122, including Metal-Loss correction, with externally accessible controls for microphone gain and phantom supply selection.

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