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Ampetronic ILD9

The Ampetronic ILD9 Induction Loop Driver is designed to cover loop areas up to 500m. Several units can be connected together in Master Slave configuration for driving single turn loops covering much larger areas such as Cathedrals, sports halls and theatres. It can also be used for large conference rooms and other areas where specialised requirements apply. In these environments, the equipment can be used to drive phased arrays for low-spill operation. These specialised loop layouts can be designed by Ampetronic Ltd. who also supply the precision phase shifter needed for this work.

This unit is designed to be driven from other sound systems, but Ampetronic supply range of accesory modules to permit full stand alone operation.

Line Input:
6.4mm Jack socket, fully balanced (unbalanced with mono plug).
Sensitivity: -40dBu) to +10dBu.
Common mode rejection > than 50dB below 500Hz. Overload protected.
Slave I/O:
Insert point for connection of Ampetronic Phase Shifter, Preamplifiers etc.
Can be used as output for recording purposes.
Signal level 1V RMS (+2.7dBu).
Metal Loss Corrector:
This control permits correction of the system frequency response when losses occur due to metal in the building. Loss adjustment is adjustable from 0 to 3dB per octave, using 1kHz as constant gain frequency. This does not compenstae for the power loss caused by the metal.
Loop Current:
9.6A peak signal current into a SINGLE TURN loop. Metering via front panel LEDs. These LEDs indicate the peak current, with intervals of 3dB.
Loop Voltage:
Greater than 36V peak, to enable good frequency response for larger, inductive loops. Patented circuitry prevents clipping to ensure EMC complience.
Loop Resistance:
Must be less than 2 Ohms but greater than 0.4 Ohms.
Compression range 30dB before overload. Front panel indication of compression level.
Efficiency: less than 0.25dB output change for a 25dB input change.
Attack and Decay time constants optimised for speech.
Frequency Response:
80Hz - 10KHz 1.5dB at low level, measured as loop current. High frequency high signal level response is a dynamic variable and is a function of loop size, loop current and signal content to ensure that no RFI generation takes place. Internal time constants are very short.
Pre-Amp Power:
15V DC regulated output, up to 0.3A
AC Power Input:
230V AC nominal, 45-65 Hz.
160VA. Fuse T 1.6AF
Length: 432 mm.
Depth: 220 mm.
Height: 88 mm. (2U)
Rackmount kit available
CE Complience:
This equipment meets all the EMC and safety standards applicable.
Rack mountable in 2U space.
Rack mounting brackets RM9 available (see below for details)
Loop Condition Monitoring>
See special note below.
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The Ampetronic ILD9 Induction Loop Driver is designed for a wide range of assistive listening applications where superior vocal and musical reproduction is paramount.

This Loop Driver sets new standards for Constant-Current driving, utilising the latest design technology to provide absolutely neutral, very high quality sound, with distortion levels well below those commonly associated with this type of equipment. The Loop Driver is designed to be used with simple, single turn loops, which ensures ease of installation, combined with very small cable size to reduce visual impact.

A very high performance COMPRESSOR and AUTOMATIC GAIN CONTROL system, combined with wideband audio circuitry, maximises both music and speech reproduction for hearing aid users. While retaining the normal speech dynamics to maximise expression, the total dynamic range is reduced to a level more suitable for hearing aid users.

The system can also be used for many other applications, for which separate loop receivers can be used. These range from use in visitor guidance to teaching, translation, noisy environments, etc.

Full monitoring of the operation of the equipment is provided, using LEDs to indicate signal and loop current levels, with headphone monitoring of the actual loop current.

A further provision is an innovative method to eliminate the generation of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), which is compulsory under the CE Approval regime. Patents for this method have been granted in a number of countries.

The equipment is very easy to install, providing fully professional facilities to ease connection to other sound equipment. The equipment is robust and very reliable.

The ILD9 is now available with a factory fitted option of LOOP CONDITION MONITORING. This facility allows the equipment to be used with voice alarm systems, offering full system monitoring and signalling.
For full details and prices, please contact us.

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