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The Ampetronic ILR3 Induction Loop Receiver / Monitor is a small, portable unit for use with Audio Induction Loops.

The receiver can be used in situations where a hearing aid is not worn, but where amplified sound is needed by the listener.

Additionally, the unit can be used by anyone with normal hearing who requires to hear a signal via an Induction Loop.

Such instances exist in:
- Induction Loop Monitoring.
- Visitor guidance.
- Museum commentary.
- Single-language translation.
- Instructions to people who must remain mobile.
- Noisy environments, when used with ear-defender type headphones.

The Receiver is suitable for both speech and music, and can be to hearing-aid response where the low frequencies are severely attenuated. This also assists the rejection of hum generated by power circuits.

This battery powered pocket induction loop receiver is essential for testing if a system is working or not and can also be used by a hard of hearing person in conjunction with a normal hearing aid.

Ampetronic ILR3
Magnetic Field Strength:
For normal signal: to BS 6083 - 4.
IEC 118 - 4
Frequency Response:
1.5dB 85Hz - 10000Hz.
Output Power:
>100mW into 16 Ohm load.
A rotary volume control is provided.
A push button switch controls the frequency response, being flat or bass cut as per hearing aid.
On - Off switching is automatic by inserting the headphone plug into the receiver.
LED indicator illuminates when the unit is active and batteries have enough charge.
2 AA type batteries, preferably alkaline (not supplied).
Battery life is about 200 hours with alkaline cells and normal listening levels.
Width:62 mm
Depth:26 mm
Height: 112 mm.
85g (excluding batteries and headphones).
Accesories Supplied:
The receiver is normally shipped with lightweight headphones.
Any stereo headphones (3.5mm plug), impedance > 16 Ohms / side can be used.

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