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Kingdom Hall Conferencing using a TDS1 as a Hanstech connection box
TDS1 S/R Telephone Dialup System Send and Receive version
TDS2 Telephone Dialup System

Telephone Dialup Call Conferencing

Kingdom Hall Conferencing services are designed to assist the elderly and infirm members of the congregation to listen in to services and meetings, live, via the telephone. However, there are many other applications for this technology.

A Telephone Dialup System (TDS) is simply the safe interface between telephone line and audio source. By adding a conference facility, many more can listen into the audio source by simply calling the conference telephone number.


There are a multitude of different applications for this system:

  • Listen to your local Kingdom Hall live - If you are ill or unable to attend
  • Listen to your Church or Mosque - From wherever you are in the world
  • Share a marketing presentation to everyone on the team - Better audio quality than traditional systems
  • Extend the reach of a training course - Add more attendees
  • Learning opportunities - Children unable to attend schools
  • University lectures - Listen in from anywhere in the world
  • Live events - Allow many more to listen live to the event - Use an 0844 number to raise additional revenues
  • Funeral directors - Allow relatives to listen to services
  • Live translation services - Use a TDS2 and two radio microphones to transmit events in multiple languages
  • This list is endless.........
Conference Suppliers

We recommend the following conference service providers, though not in any particular order. You need to establish your own useage patterns and work out which service suits you and your pocket best.

ConferenceGenie Website

Our original conference provider. Main features:

  • Allows up to 120 listeners on each conference.
  • 10 setup fee per room (check)
  • Allows 'Double room' facility - High security where listeners cannot interfere with main program audio
  • 0844 Access numbers
  • Email attendee numbers by arrangement

OzoneConferencing Website **NEW - Lowest Call Costs in the UK** 0845 Number

Our NEW conference provider. Main features:

  • Allows up to 30 listeners on each conference.
  • No setup fee
  • No annual fee
  • Allows 'Double room' facility at additional cost - High security where listeners cannot interfere with main program audio
  • 0845 Access numbers - Call costs as low as 0.5p/m or even less See reducing call costs below
  • Count attendees immediately by dialling special code
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Signup Special for JW. Signup NOW to get your instruction booklet and conferencing access numbers delivered to your inbox
  • Fully professional A* service

KHLink Website

An alternative conference provider. Main features:

  • Allows up to 10 listeners on each conference but may be able to handle more by arrangement.
  • 10 setup fee
  • 8.50 fee paid monthly
  • Uses a geographic number 01 or 02
  • Some service plans allow up to 90 mins FREE calls to 01 or 02 numbers
  • VOIP service - Call quality should be OK but check

Reducing Call Costs

This section is provided as a snapshot of what is available at the time of writing. The telecoms market is very volatile so check regularly for new or improved deals.

  • Calls to 0844 numbers (ConferenceGenie) are usually billed at 3p/m - check.
  • Calls to 0845 numbers (OzoneConferencing) cost from 0.5p/m.This depends upon your service provider. For example, TalkTalk charge 0.5p/m for evenings and weekends. BT vary between 0.5p and 2p/m or more - check. VirginMedia are THE most expensive and charge 6p/m or more for access to 0845 numbers! BUT, if you buy phone calls via 18185.co.uk for ANY phone supplier, it may work out cheaper.

You must do your own research to find the best call rates for your particular application. This is a highly competitive market and prices change regularly.

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