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**NEW** TDS1 Single Line Telephone Dialup System. Click for a larger front and back picture **NEW** TDS1SR Single Line Telephone Dialup System with answering capabilities. Click for a larger front and back picture KH Telephone Patch System

What is a Telephone Patch System? Quite simply it is a device for connecting a telephone line to a sound system in a safe and easy manner. The DTSystems version has a number of features listed below that make it the best, cheapest and most cost effective method of connecting an audio source to the telephone network.

What are they used for?

  • Connecting a Kingdom Hall or Church sound system to a telephone line so callers can hear the service
  • Remote monitoring via the telephone line of ANY audio feed (eg remote transmitter sites).
  • Monitoring interview suites (law enforcement)
  • Allowing access to public / private meetings
  • Save fuel costs by listening to a remote meeting via the telephone rather then attending in person
  • Sharing audio between buildings
  • Emergency audio feed backup (if main feed fails)

    Why the best?

  • High performance compressor circuit to match audio levels to phone line dynamics. Achieves clearer, louder and more uniform audio signals
  • Input attenuator to allow virtually any input signal level ranging from 200mV up to 100V line systems
  • Built in maximum grade surge protection to protect against lightning damage
  • Simple interfacing - Just plug it in
  • All main connections on the back panel
  • Extensive use of surface mount technology to maximise reliability
  • Facilities socket allows remote control of major functions and remote displays
  • Input uses professional XLR type connector for maximum reliability
  • Audio front end features balanced line input(s)
  • Microprocessor control with watchdog monitoring
  • High quality internal parts.
  • Line protection fuses reset automatically
  • Output signal level easily adjusted with a preset control
  • Additional telephone jack added to allow the incoming line to connect at the back and be available on the front of the TDS unit for monitoring. US version has RJ11 connector(s) on front
  • Uses double sided fibre glass circuit board with plated through holes
  • Wall wart type power supply
  • Front panel power on/off switch
  • Can auto answer calls
  • New smart steel blue case color
  • Very solidly built
  • Supplied complete with telephone cable - Just plug in the audio, set the levels and done! Nothing else to buy.

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