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Kingdom Hall Conferencing using a TDS1 as a Hanstech box
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Kingdom Hall Conferencing

Download Instruction PDF here. Note: Generic and telephone numbers may have changed.

Download Instruction PDF here. Note: Specific for JWs - includes a link to listen to a real meeting
(UK time - Sunday am odd years, Sunday pm even years).

A TDS1 allows you to listen to an audio source through your telephone, from anywhere in the world. A TDS2 allows two callers to listen to two separate audio sources (or both to listen to the same source). If you want to be able to connect multiple callers (ie lots of people able to listen in via their telephone), then you need to subscribe to a conference calling service as well as purchasing a TDS unit.

There are many call conferencing services available that allows multiple callers to connect into your DTSystems Telephone Dialup System (TDS) (ALL versions). Some conference providers allow over 100 callers to connect to the service at the same time. Call security is provided by a unique Room Number and PIN which gives access to your private conference. Just give the room number and PIN to all those who you want to connect to the conference - simple. Whilst this page describes the UK service, A+ Conferencing provides a comparable service in the USA and similar services run in most countries. Look out for special deals and ways to reduce costs further - Nominate your main line as your "Best friend" (BT speak), or find a special prefix number to reduce costs - try both at once!!

How Does It Work?

At The Venue:

  1. Dial the call conference number
  2. You will be asked to enter your room number followed by the hash key.......xxxxx#
  3. You will be asked to enter your PIN number and hash.......xxxx#
  4. You will be asked to say your name but you can skip this.......#
  5. Using the DTSystems TDS unit, link the sound system to the telephone line

At Home:

  1. Dial the call conference number
  2. You will be asked to enter your room number followed by the hash key.......xxxxx#
  3. You will be asked to enter your PIN number and hash.......xxxx#
  4. You will be asked to say your name .......# This is repeated to all those listening on the conference
  5. Press the Secrecy or Mute button on your telephone

Note that ALL who wish to listen must be given the right numbers, the conference telephone number, room number and PIN. The telephone number is common to all users, but the room number and PIN are exclusive to your private conference.

How Much Does It Cost?

UPDATE DEC 2007 - Due to a ruling by Ofcom (UK telephone regulator), providers of conference call services have been obliged to move away from using 0845 prefix numbers. Note: DTSystems IS NOT (currently) able to offer conference call services and so you will need to make your own arrangements if you wish to have multiple callers listen in via your TDS equipment.

The latest (2008) low cost ConferenceGenie access numbers and information can be found here. There are now numerous providers of conference services and the market very volatile and competitive. Prices change daily so you will need to shop around for the best deal. This may be a single fee annual contract, or, a pay as you go service using 0845, 0944 etc etc numbers for which a pay per minute charge is levied. We make no recommendation of any particular service. You need to do your own research to find the best conference price for your own circumstances, be this a single annual fee, or, pay per connection.

Which TDS Do I Need?

This depends. A TDS1 will allow connection (listen only) for over 100 listeners if you purchase a TDS1 and conference facility.
A TDS1S/R allows anyone connected to the conference to connect (answer) over the venue sound system. A TDS1S/R also allows you to connect to a second venue and listen in to their program. This is routinely done to tie in foreign language meetings. For remote areas subject to adverse weather, this allows one speaker to deliver his talk to an unlimited number of venues.
A TDS2 has provision for two telephone lines and has two independant audio circuits. This allows for maximum flexibility of operation. Some users are either not technically adept, or unable to afford call charges, and the option to call them separately from the venue likely to be very important. For larger venues, two lines allows over 230 callers to listen to the same program using two conference calls. For confidential meetings, the use of a conference may be a disadvantage and calling specific individuals more appropriate. For program relays, where your venue supplies the main audio feed, a second, independent line gives greatest signal security as the remote listening venue can call this line direct and get an exclusive (and therefore more robust) connection.

Points To Remember

Important When connected, those listening need to be quiet or they will be heard by anyone else who is listening in. One way around this is to press the Secrecy or Mute button on your telephone. If buying a new loudspeaking telephone, look for this important feature. At the time of writing, the BT relate 2100 telephone has all the required features and has a loud and clear audio loudspeaking quality. However, sound on the conference line is not fed back into the venue sound system unless you have a TDS1S/R. Alternatively, use a double conference room setup as described in the PDF above. BUT, if using a TDS1S/R, you WANT to be able to hear (eg receive audio from the telephone line), so stick to a single conference setup.

If the TDS unit is set to Automatic and a user calls in and connects, then that circuit and telephone line cannot be used to connect to the conferencing service - it is in use, engaged. Either connect to the conference using a second circuit (eg TDS2 second circuit), or speak to the caller (through a telephone connected to the same line) and ask them to hang up and redial via the conference number.

The call cost on conference numbers call vary and depends upon your service provider - check.

Security - Each venue subscribing to this service needs to pick a unique Room Number and PIN. We suggest changing the PIN say once a year to ensure that only approved listeners can access the service.

You can use the conference telephone number at any time. So outside of normal service transmission times, anyone with access to the conference numbers can set up group discussions. So for example, after listening to the main program, stay on the conference and discuss the content with everyone else!

The ability to connect muliple callers simultaneously has been the single most frequently asked question about the TDS system and we are delighted to now have a cost effective solution.

The conference service described above is for the UK. However, similar conference systems exist in the USA and Europe and will work in exactly the same way.

Best Regards from the team at DTSystems.

Any questions? email us

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