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DTSystems MM8+2 Mixer Options

The main options are described in the MM8+2 section, but due to the inbuilt flexibility, these options can be changed or reconfigured to special order. This is because all options are microprocessor controlled (Microchip Pics)and relatively easy to reconfigure to your specific requirements. The only limitations are the hardware I/O ports and switching capacities.


Inputs : The options switch on the front panel is labelled T and C and is a DPDT switch. It is normally supplied as momentary contact (T), Centre Off, On (C) type, however it can be fitted as On-Off-On or Mom-Off-Mom and has a Bi-colour LED associated. Both inputs are available via a PCB connector (0.1" grid) and are active low.

Outputs :

Note that it is possible to do a small amount of reconfiguration ie to convert some of the outputs to additional inputs etc., including A-D conversion.