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**NEW** TDS1 Single Line Telephone Dialup System. Click for a larger front and back picture **NEW** TDS1 with answer Telephone Dialup System. Click for a larger front and back picture Remote Control Installation

**2024** Latest News From DTSystems **

Cheap Calls We are always trying to reduce call costs and here is the latest information for you. VirginMedia now have an all inclusive tarrif that includes unlimited 0845 call time.
If you use a conference supplier that uses a LOCAL rate call (eg NOT an 0845), can you afford 5p for a couple of hours connected? Using KHConf and connecting via reduces total call costs to just 5p connection plus 1p / min. Others may be cheaper - keep looking around See.

**LATEST** - The price of delivery goes/went up from 9.75 to 11.00 on 2nd April (thanks Royal Mail)! This means it currently costs us 13.43 to package your TDS and guarantee getting it to you by 1pm the day after posting. This also includes insurance for in case your product is lost or damaged in transit. We STILL propose to include this in the fully inclusive price and so for the moment, no price rises.

New product coming 'soon': Highest quality safety audio interface between sound (PA or HiFi) system and a computer. Balanced XLR in/out to stereo in/out (3.5 jack) with compression (defeatable), EQ and a 'universal' balanced line in capable of 250mv up to 125V input. Isolation via transformers to cure ground loops and hum induced from floating PC power supplies. Doubles up as a stereo to mono convertor, balanced line to stereo output, speech enhancer and hum (ground loop) breaker. High reliability parts fitted inside a metal case to minimise radio frequency interference. Main audio in/out can be balanced or unbalanced with auto sensing to maintain levels. Input based on THAT corporation 1200 series inGenius chip which is simply the best available for the job. Inputs are fully overload and ESD proof for long service life. Unit will be factory serviceable.

**Special Offer** We have a refurbished TDS1 at a heavily discounted price. First to email reserves the deal. See here.

Latest Website Changes

  • New Downloads section. See Dowloads link under OTHER menu left.
  • New Block Diagrams. See here (TDS1 & TDS1SR) and here (TDS2).
  • As part of our Anti Spam war, emails are now restricted to a file attachment size of 300KB. Larger files, see Contact Point.
  • Order form now reports your order time in GMT.
  • Search Engine back on line. Sorry for the break in service.
  • New LISCA page detailing our experiences fitting these systems. See here.
  • Telephone Line Cord - Diagram updated. See here.
  • New connection diagram added (Stereo source via jack). See.
  • FAQ section updated with both Host and End User conference connection instructions. See.
  • Free Post & Packaging to UK delivery addresses (orders over 100) and now calculated automatically if you live elsewhere. No need to enquire about delivery charges to..... just complete the order form.
  • To make it even easier to integrate a Telephone Dialup System into your existing sound system, especially those using an Electronic Services amplifer, we have added a new installation drawing. See here.
  • Pay with BACS and get a discount. What is BACS and how do you use it? See here.

Conferencing Call Charges

Seem to vary week by week. Shop around for the best prices.

Latest Conference supplier KHConf now offer access via 03xx numbers. Many can now dial for free! Website

VirginMedia are offering a FREE upgrade to landline packages called "Tickle" (unlikely but true). This adds some free 0845 call time to your existing package and is completely free.

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