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**NEW** TDS1 Single Line Telephone Dialup System. Click for a larger front and back picture


** Special Offer **

Refurbished TDS1 As New

A rare opportunity has arisen to purchase a refurbished TDS1 at a discounted price. This is an ex-demo unit available on a strictly first come first served basis. The unit has some superficial (very minor) scratches to the case but is otherwise in perfect working order. It is offered with a full warranty as new of 1 year RTB (Return To Base) and is complete with power supply, telephone lead and handbook.

Offer price is 195. Postage will be added and charged at cost (choose next day 9.10 or 3 days 5.00).

Strictly first come first served to our sales email address (see contact at bottom of page) with the subject line - Dialup Special Offer. If you pay using BACS, we will add an XLR2 audio lead for just 1.

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