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ATM915 Super slim microphone for low visual impact

The AT915 (made by Audio Technica) is a slimline Microline response microphone for use in high quality public address type installations for use as the main microphone and is literally the thickness of a pencil. It has a flat frequency response with a modified cardioid pickup pattern and has two gooseneck sections plus a central extension tube for hyper accurate placement. The AT915 is a phantom powered microphone of diminutive proportions, so much so that one user remarked that it was like "taking the wall down between you and the audience". Another one said "There is nowhere to hide behind this!" Two of these can be used to make a visually wire free but suberb quality "round table" discussion setup, similar to a pair of ATM33a handhelds on goosenecks but with MUCH less visual impact to either the users or audience. Similar photo. The AT915 should be positioned 6-12" away from the speaker and pointing towards the base of the chin at an upwards angle of 30 degrees.

NOTE: The AT915 is shortly to be replaced by a very similar ES915ML. You can compare specifications by having a look at the ES915ML Datasheet.

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Using the AT915 (ES915) Microline Microphone,microphone,pa,public,address,main,feedback,reduce,at915,es915,dtsystems
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