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Automatic Microphone Mixer

If you are fed up with feedback, irritated by the sound operator missing the first words of a comment (ask anyone connected via a telephone Dialup unit or anyone listening to a tape recording how frustrating this is) or just want an easier life, add one or two (or more) of these automatic mixers to transform your sound system. They work like a highly trained (and expensive) sound engineer who is constantly listening to the sound produced by all the microphones. If anyone speaks down a microphone, he instantly responds by turning up the appropriate microphone gain to normal levels whilst turning down all the others. If two people speak at once, both are turned up but not quite as far so avoiding feedback.

One of the best automatic mixers is the Shure SCM800 which is a fully featured 8 channel unit.

Shure SCM800 automixer

Up to eight microphones (or line sources) can be controlled by each mixer. One of these mixers can reduce a tedious complicated job of controlling up to eight microphones into simply monitoring volumes and adjusting simple controls - easy!

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Eight balanced microphone or line inputs
48V Phantom power on each microphone.
19" wide 1U (1.25") high.

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Automatic Microphone Mixer,automatic,microphone,mixer,reduce,feedback
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