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TDS1SR Single Line Telephone Dialup System with answering capability TDS2 Double Line Telephone Dialup System. Two independant channels. Remote Control Installation

OK I'm Convinced - What do I do?

First of all, you need to decide whether to install a single (TDS1), single with answer (TDS1S/R) or a double (TDS2) line Dialup unit at the venue. Some reasons for opting to install the double line unit are given here. Having decided on the type of Dialup, you need to provide corresponding telephone lines, one for a TDS1 and two for the TDS2. However, depending upon your own circumstances, you may already have some telephone lines available that can be used more efficiently.

For example, you might already have a telephone or Fax line that could be shared with the Dialup or you might have a building alarm system with an ICB (Incoming Calls Barred) line that is ONLY used whenever the venue is EMPTY. Using this line, you could gain effectively a free line to use the Dialup in manual mode during times when the alarm is switched off. Using the existing telephone line might seem to be undesirable on the grounds of public safety. However virtually everyone has their own mobile telephone these days so a dedicated land line is just unecessary.

You can now install your system. Since this is SO easy, you can even do this for temporary or single events. Installation consists of plugging the Dialup into a telephone socket (exactly the same as plugging in a telephone), connecting either a signal lead or speaker wire into the venue sound system, plugging into the mains supply and throwing a switch - easy! Just like this.

For a full technical description of how to install the Dialup system, see the appropriate installation manual.

That's it!! It really IS that easy to fit and operate.

We hope you found the site interesting, well presented and above all, informative. Thanks for visiting and please feel free to link to us or recommend us to others.

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