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DTSystems exists to service the needs of anyone interested in good quality sound - be you a specialist audio installation engineer, music lover, hifi fanatic or just interested in learning more about the subject of sound. There is a wealth of technical information and years of practical experience available to you on this site and we are dedicated to providing a quality service at reasonable cost.

This site is dedicated to quick access with no annoying pop-ups, adverts, or hidden links to unwanted services. Nor do we have ANY (er known) tracking software installed. Pictures of equipment are generally available as separate links. It is constantly upgraded and so you will need to visit often. Positive comments and constructive feedback are always most welcome as are links from your website to us (www.dt4u.com).

Product Statement

All our products are 100% designed and built in England using British labour and parts wherever possible. The solid steel case used to house our TDS product for example is made in Hull and uses the latest laser cutting technology to get nice square holes. It has proper threaded inserts to hold everything together so the screws won't fall out. In fact the case is the second most expensive part of the TDS following Postage and Packaging!

We designed the TDS to be as environmentally friendly and reliable as possible. For example:

  • The same circuit board can be built into six different product versions by adding or leaving out components. Our circuit board is a high tech double sided creation with plated through holes and is manufactured by GBcircuits in Hellaby, Rotherham (thanks Malcolm).
  • No internal wiring at all means greater reliability and lower production costs.
  • A remote power supply helps with global compatibility.
  • Built in lightning protection including sacrificial parts means your TDS is unlikely to be toast even if it IS struck by lightning. We have never yet (up to July 2024) scrapped a single one.
  • A crowbar power supply protection system will blow the internal fuse if there is a supply power spike rather than allowing internal damage. A new fuse and away you go.
  • A swish power supply allows you to feed your TDS on any old rubbish. AC or DC without regard of polarity or quality. Anything between around 10V and 18V will do at very low current.
  • Your TDS has a minimum design life of 5 years and should last at least twice that, probably much more.
  • All the integrated circuits are now fitted in IC sockets to make servicing really easy (and therefore cheaper).
  • Where necessary, expensive 0.1% tolerance components are used to guarantee performance.
  • A high performance compressor circuit evens out fluctuations in sound volume levels so even those with less than perfect hearing can still hear perfect speech.
Unlike most new products, your TDS was designed to be fully serviceable. Yes we can and will repair it for you for a modest fee. In short, we are proud to offer this product. Could we make it cheaper in China or India? Yes of course, but we aren't going to! British products, expertise and jobs are precious and should not be exported overseas.

Contact Point

Whilst we do not have a contact telephone number, we do offer full email access to a real person who not only understands the products, but can also speak the language (well English at any rate)! So if things do go pear shaped, be assured we will respond to your questions and with (hopefully) sensible answers. DTSystems support is as close as the Contact link at the bottom of each page (300KB max file size please). If you need to send large file attachments with emails, please use this address. If all else fails, we have an alternate email address and, if none of that works, use the "Any other information" box at the bottom of the Order page. Put quantities to 0 and just send your message. You will need to add your name, email, telephone number and address before pressing the "Send Message" button.

We are proud of our environmental section - Why not visit it: now!

We hope you found the site interesting, well presented and above all, informative. Thanks for visiting and please feel free to link to us or recommend us to others.

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