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  • An ethical way to either borrow or lend money ..... ZOPA. is a peer to peer website. A bit like a bank but without all the greed! Very competitive interest rates.

  • Fast search engine for your website like ours above..... Site Expert

  • Google Search engine but over a secure (https 256 bit AES) link and with ALL tracking information removed.....Startpage.com Also allows annonymous searches - excellent! Another search engine that is secure (https 128 bit AES) and does not track you is duckduckgo.com.

  • Fast fully functional browser but NO tracking (unlike Google Chrome).....here.

  • Organic gardening from a supplier who really cares .....The Organic Gardening Catalogue

  • The Best source of Garden Seeds. No GMO or F1 junk .....Realseeds

  • Possible the best washing machine money can buy - ISE Appliances. You may not of heard of these products but they are excellent (we have one here).

  • Computer repairs from a fast and reputable company.....BYiTE Ltd

  • Given that the NSA and GCHQ are routinely reading and storing ALL your internet traffic, the first line of defence is to protect your IP address. Do that by using a secure proxy such as.....Witopia. Note this is a US based company which may be self defeating but it IS reliable (we use them)!

  • Nice place to stay near Newark Nottinghamshire.....Brecks Cottage

  • Alternative telephone numbers Find a number Find Freephone numbers and alternatives to 08xx - Excellent.

  • Compare Call Charges Check Find lowest cost 0845 on Sunday etc..

  • Computer Security and Setup Advice Essentials Kill those adverts! Connect securely to the internet.

  • Need some bits and pieces?......JW Shop

  • Custom software?......JA Software KH Song Selector. Benefits Calc etc.

  • Work under artificial light? - Stop the eye strain (please mention DTSystems if ordering).....Daylight bulbs.

  • Generate your own Favicon ........ Easy!. A Favicon is the small icon used to represent your website.

  • Take a look at a REAL artist............John Pugh. 3D art on public buildings. Just awesome. Note: Site often busy.

Nice picture.....Amsterdam

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