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Download Some Tools to help with Designs

After many years spent in the audio design industry, certain problems and mathmatical mental gymnastics prompted us to write software to simplify everything. Here, we present some of the best, for you to use. If you find them useful, please make a donation via our PayPal button.

The first offering is simply an Excel spreadsheet that focuses on calculations to do with resistors:

Light blue cells are inputs and are where you enter your variables. White cells contain formulas that are calculated and will break if overwritten. (Use Excel back arrow to repair).

Resistors in parallel

  • Enter the desired total resistance value and one resistor and see the value of the second resistor worked out for you.
  • Change the value of the second resistor (to say a prefered value) and see how the total resistance changes.
  • Enter up to five resistor values to get a total if they are all paralleled.

Voltage division across resistor networks

  • Two resistors in series. Apply a voltage across the network and see what votage drops occur across each resistor and how much power is dissipated in each one.
  • Variables are input voltage and both resistors.
  • You can also define the voltage required across one resistor and see what power rating you need.

Variations in expected resistor values based on tolerences

  • For a given resistor, works out the maximum and minimum resistance value based on various tolerances from 0.01% to 2%.

Whilst not complicated, you might save a ton of time with this.

Download from here. Donate if you appreciate us making this available to you here.

We hope you found the site interesting, well presented and above all, informative. Thanks for visiting and please feel free to link to us or recommend us to others.

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DTSystems Technical Help Pages - Calculating parallel resistance values,resistor, parallel, power, ohms
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