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TDS1 Telephone Dialup System. Click to enlarge.
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TDS1 S/R Telephone Dialup System Send and Receive version. Click to enlarge.
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TDS2 Telephone Dialup System. Click to enlarge.
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Telephone Dialup and Audio Induction Loop Systems
The Telephone Dialup System allows callers from anywhere in the world to listen live to an audio feed, be it a live meeting, recorded message or information service. Audio quality is excellent and the system is really easy to set up and use. High performance lightning protection built in as standard The new TDS1 S/R has a switched receive that allows you to both send and receive audio. 
  • Enables the disabled or sick to enjoy listening to meetings "live" whilst confined to home....more.
  • Realtime live monitoring of remote audio feeds....more.
  • Want an Audio Induction Loop (AFILS) System? Get
  • Helping the hard of hearing to hear better. Hear the TV clearer.

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